posted on 1 Dec 2019

Pixelfight is a multiplayer minigame and collaborative art piece.

  • There are 16 colors
  • There is a 1024x1024 pixel arena (1 megapixel)
  • A pigment is a colored particle that interacts with a pixel
  • 1 pigment costs 1 satoshi, paid to a special OP_TRUE OP_RETURN output

Pixelfight is characterized by a formula for determining the active color (or animated form) for a given pixel given its pigment distribution. The impact a pigment has on a pixel is cyclical. Colors should naturally cycle in and out of use in different areas of the field as images compete for visibility over long periods of time.

Pixelfight can be used as an extended metaphor for a number of topics.

that’s wonderful - why OP_TRUE OP_RETURN?

One such metaphor is that state rent can be viewed as a type of runtime garbage collection.

State rent doesn’t exist in Bitcoin (although there are apparently a wide range of perspectives on that matter…), but “anyone can spend” outputs could be viewed as outputs that have expired or are in a garbage state.

OP_TRUE OP_RETURN <data> is an output that anyone can spend, carrying a data payload.

Pixelfight will provide a flow of low-stakes anyone-can-spend garbage outputs, which in aggregate may accumulate non-negligible value.

Let’s see how nodes respond.