posted on 2 Feb 2020

Mr Land’s essay TX2 hints at an approach towards a new gematria that leaves behind problems with the base-ten numerology.

As of this post English is the most widely spoken language on planet earth.

The glifs form an approximate phonetic cover of English built off of Mr Shaw’s Shavian and Mr Read’s QuikScript or “Read Alphabet”, with 31 phonemes along with the ‘accidental’ uh-oh which serves as a separator or escape character.

Each letter is assigned a number from the prime sequence. Combining letters is a multiplication. Words separated by - (glif uh-oh) are added together.

For example,

“utter” is qtqr, which is 2*3*2*127 == 1545. re-utter is 127*19 + 2*3*2*127 == 4058.

In the coming weeks this table will be fine-tuned to shake the remnants of the old semiotics.

a table of of glifs, their names, their keyboard characters, and most crucially, their associated primes